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Video Strip Poker Supreme 138 Serial Number

Video Strip Poker Supreme 138 Serial Number

Video Strip Poker Supreme is a computer game developed by Torquemada Games. It is a strip poker game that features interactive, high quality video of female and male opponents. The game has over 50 opponents available, each with their own personality and style of play. The game also has online features, such as downloading new opponents and playing against other players.


To play the game, the player needs to have a serial number that is provided by the developer after purchasing the game. The serial number is a combination of letters and numbers that is used to activate the game and unlock all the features and opponents. The serial number is unique for each copy of the game and cannot be shared or used by others.

However, some people may try to find ways to get the serial number for free, without paying for the game. One of the methods that they may use is to search for the serial number on the internet, hoping to find a website that offers it for free or for a low price. For example, one may search for "Video Strip Poker Supreme 138 Serial Number" on a web browser, and get some results that claim to have the serial number available.

However, these websites are not reliable and may be scams or malware. They may ask the user to download a file, fill out a survey, or enter personal information in order to get the serial number. However, these files may contain viruses or spyware that can harm the user's computer or steal their data. The surveys may be endless or require payment to complete. The personal information may be used for identity theft or fraud. Moreover, even if the user manages to get the serial number from these websites, it may not work or may be already used by someone else. Therefore, it is not advisable to trust these websites and try to get the serial number for free.

The best way to get the serial number for Video Strip Poker Supreme is to buy the game from the official website of Torquemada Games. The website offers secure payment methods and guarantees that the serial number will work and will be delivered to the user's email address. The website also provides customer support and updates for the game. By buying the game from the official website, the user can enjoy the game without any risk or hassle.

Video Strip Poker Supreme is a fun and exciting game that offers high quality video and interactivity. However, to play the game, the user needs to have a valid serial number that can only be obtained by purchasing the game from the developer. Trying to get the serial number for free from other sources may be dangerous and ineffective. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the game from Torquemada Games and support their work.


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