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High-frequency Integrated Circuits Sorin Voinigescu Pdf Download

High-Frequency Integrated Circuits Sorin Voinigescu PDF Download

If you are looking for a comprehensive and design-oriented book on high-speed and high-frequency integrated circuits, you may be interested in High-Frequency Integrated Circuits by Sorin Voinigescu. This book covers the theory, design, and applications of high-speed, RF, mm-wave, and optical fiber circuits using nanoscale CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, and III-V technologies. It also provides step-by-step design methodologies, end-of-chapter problems, and practical simulation and design projects.

High-Frequency Integrated Circuits is part of The Cambridge RF and Microwave Engineering Series, which aims to provide authoritative and up-to-date information on topics of current interest in the field of RF and microwave engineering. The series editor is Steve C. Cripps, a distinguished research professor at Cardiff University.

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The book is divided into 13 chapters and 8 appendices. The chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Chapter 2: High-frequency and high-data-rate communication systems

  • Chapter 3: High-frequency linear noisy network analysis

  • Chapter 4: High-frequency devices

  • Chapter 5: Circuit analysis techniques for high-frequency integrated circuits

  • Chapter 6: Tuned power amplifier design

  • Chapter 7: Low-noise tuned amplifier design

  • Chapter 8: Broadband low-noise and transimpedance amplifiers

  • Chapter 9: Mixers, switches, modulators, and other control circuits

  • Chapter 10: Design of voltage-controlled oscillators

  • Chapter 11: High-speed digital logic

  • Chapter 12: High-speed digital output drivers with waveshape control

  • Chapter 13: SoC examples

The appendices are as follows:

  • Appendix 1: Trigonometric identities

  • Appendix 2: Baseband binary data formats and analysis

  • Appendix 3: Linear matrix transformations

  • Appendix 4: Fourier series

  • Appendix 5: Exact noise analysis for a cascode amplifier with inductive degeneration

  • Appendix 6: Noise analysis of the common-emitter amplifier with transformer feedback

  • Appendix 7: Common-source amplifier with shuntseries transformer feedback

  • Appendix 8: HiCUM level 0 model for a SiGe HBT

The book has been cited by 131 publications according to Cambridge University Press. It has also received positive reviews from experts in the field. For example, Ali Hajimiri, Professor of Electrical Engineering at California Institute of Technology, said:

"This book is a must-have for anyone who is serious about designing high-performance integrated circuits. It covers all aspects of high-frequency circuit design from device physics to system-level considerations in a clear and accessible way."

If you want to download a PDF version of the book, you can do so from the Cambridge University Press website. You will need to register or log in to access the full text. Alternatively, you can also buy a print copy from the same website or from other online retailers such as Amazon. The book costs $118 USD for the digital access and $140 USD for the hardcover edition.

We hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

: [Cambridge University Press] : [Amazon]


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