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Arte Altomedievale Kitzinger Pdf 12

Arte altomedievale kitzinger pdf 12

Arte altomedievale kitzinger pdf 12 is a book by Ernst Kitzinger, a renowned art historian and scholar of Byzantine and early medieval art. The book was first published in 1940 in English as Early Medieval Art in the British Museum and British Library, and later translated into Italian as Arte altomedievale al British Museum e nella British Library. The book is a concise and comprehensive introduction to a millennium of art history, from late antiquity to the end of the Romanesque period, based on the collections of the British Museum and the British Library in London.

arte altomedievale kitzinger pdf 12

The book consists of 12 chapters, each focusing on a specific period or theme of early medieval art. The chapters are as follows:

  • The Late Roman Empire and the Barbarian Invasions

  • The Art of the Early Christian Church

  • The Art of the Byzantine Empire

  • The Art of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Peoples

  • The Art of the Carolingian Renaissance

  • The Art of the Ottonian Empire

  • The Art of the Romanesque Period

  • The Art of Islam and Its Influence on the West

  • The Art of the Crusades and the Holy Land

  • The Art of the Norman Kingdoms in Sicily and Southern Italy

  • The Art of the Gothic Period

  • The Art of the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The book is richly illustrated with black-and-white photographs and drawings of various artworks, such as sculptures, mosaics, manuscripts, metalwork, ivory carvings, textiles, coins, and jewelry. The book also includes a bibliography, an index, and a glossary of technical terms.

Arte altomedievale kitzinger pdf 12 is a classic and authoritative work on early medieval art, written by one of the most influential scholars in the field. The book is suitable for students, researchers, and anyone interested in learning more about the artistic heritage of Europe and the Mediterranean world from the third to the thirteenth century.

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